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Meet Vad, a dynamic communicator who has dedicated his life to inspiring and empowering individuals from all walks of life. As a husband, father, leadership coach, speaker, and author, Vad's journey is filled with remarkable achievements and valuable experiences.

Vad's personal trials and triumphs have shaped him into a compassionate and relatable speaker. He draws upon his own experiences to deliver messages that provide individuals and organizations with valuable tools to combat and persevere through life's obstacles. His authentic storytelling captivates audiences and ignites a sense of hope and resilience.

Hailing from Durham, NC, Vad cherishes his role as a loving husband to his wife, Dr. Khayla Lee, and proud father to their two daughters, Saraiah and Siniaiah. His family provides him with unwavering support and serves as a constant source of motivation.

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He holds a Bachelor's degree in Public Policy & Administration from James Madison University, equipping him with a strong foundation in understanding complex issues. Additionally, Vad's pursuit of knowledge led him to attain a Master's degree in Sport Psychology from Capella University, further enhancing his understanding of human behavior and motivation. 

Vad's passion for leadership and excellence began during his time as a Division 1 Quarterback at James Madison University, where he excelled as a 2-time team captain, All-American, and recipient of the prestigious Dudely Award. His dedication and skill set him on a path to professional football, including stints in the NFL, CFL, XFL, and currently with the USFL.


With over 10+ years of speaking, coaching, and leadership experience, Vad has become an indispensable asset to numerous organizations across diverse industries. His unique blend of inspiration, elevation, and cultural understanding sets him apart as a dynamic force in the world of motivation.

Join Vad on a transformative journey of self-discovery, where he will empower you to overcome challenges, embrace change, and unleash your true potential. Together, let's conquer obstacles and reach new heights of personal and professional success.

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